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PCB Design

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that the overall cost and chances of potential DFM issues can be minimized.Our team of designers understand how to reduce risk and cost optimization throughout each of these phases.

Our designers have a broad range of experience working in industries such as  LED Lighting,telecommunications,medical equipment, industrial control, automotive manufacturing and consumer electronics.

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7-10 Days Rapid PCB Prototyping Service China’s Original Factory-Best Technology

PCB Prototype

Our experienced engineering staff knows when a prototype is manufacturable and can help our clients determine the best materials and variations to hit budgets and manufacturing deadlines.

Our prototypes are built under the same ISO-9001-2015 and IPC quality standards as production jobs. We can maintain that consistency over large volumes.

PCB Manufacturing

Our advanced engineering techniques and production process have been consistently refined over our 16 years in business,pushing your project to succeed as expected.

We invest in automatic machines to ensure your expectations in quality, delivery and total cost control will be completely satisfied.

16 Years Small Volume PCB Manufacturing Nissan Peak 10K pcs-Best Technology
One-stop PCB Production And Assembly China Shenzhen Top 5 Supplier-Best Technology

PCB Assembly

We offer consignment, full turnkey and partial turnkey assembly services.

We source all the parts directly from the manufacturers or from authorized distributors such as Digikey, Mouser,Future,TTI,Avnet and Arrow to avoid counterfeit parts.

You can benefit from our scale of procurement and unified management.

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