How Do We Ensure the Quality and Reliability?

Pursue zero defects and meet customer needs from subtle details

Raw Material Guarantee

With first-class brand raw materials guarantee the quality of the products

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Reliable Raw Material

It is always known that the quality of raw materials determines the durability of the finished product. 

Choosing the supplier of famous brand raw materials in PCB industry is the guarantee of stable quality of Best Technology. We only adopt premium materials to manufacture high-quality PCBs.

Our expertise regarding advanced material types and combinations allows us to offer our customers a cost-effective solution for almost any challenge.

Pre-production inspection

A rigorous PCB incoming inspection process ensures that components do not ship with problems

PCB Incoming Inspection

We obtain all raw materials from selected suppliers known for their excellent quality.

Raw materials inspection is a vital step in our process.Here at Best Technology, no component or part before going to the warehouse without passing through a strict incoming inspection quality control process. Our PCB incoming inspection includes:

PCB Incoming Inspection For PCB Number Check-Best Technology
Signal Checks
Solder Mask Checks
Drill Checks
Plane Checks
Silk Screen Checks

Free DFM Check

DFM check can identify the design for potential errors or flaws. It helps to prevent production delays and cost loss. 

Best technology will provide free PCB file checks to avoid risks and errors that might arise during the fabrication process and ensure that these file designs are within the capabilities of our production process.If any issues were detected, we would get in touch immediately to solve the issue together.

In Process Quality Control

We provide full traceability of the entire production process

Standardized Production Process

The essence of quality control lies in production process management.

We set up a complete training mechanism to ensure standard operations. Standardized production process and detailed operation instructions ensure that the correct implementation of the operating specifications and operation standards.

Each step of the manufacturing process are strictly monitored.

Quality Control Management Of Standardized Production Process-Best Technology
In-Process Quality Checking(IPQC) For PCB Number Check-Best Technology

In-Process Quality Checking

We have refined our quality management system over our 16 years in business to ensure predictable and repeatable outcomes.

We have incorporated the In-Process Quality Checking (IPQC) procedure in our production line. Any defective components or manufacturing errors are detected instantly and are eliminated.

All of boards will be 100% Inspection and E-test before delivery.


While your repeat business best illustrates our commitment to excellence, we also hold advanced PCB certifications to verify our extremely rigorous standards.

Rigorous Testing And Inspection

To ensure that your boards are functioning optimally, we provide comprehensive testing and inspection

PCB Quality Control Automatic Optical Inspection-Best Technology

Electrical Test

Electrical test mainly checks each unpopulated board for shorts, opens, resistances, capacitances, and other fundamental electrical properties. We have two primary electrical testing methods: Bed of Nails Fixture Test and Flying Probe Test.

Printed Circuit Board Final Quality Check-Best Technology

Automatic Optical Inspection

This is a vision system that captures and stores an image and compares it to an expected image and/or expected data, in order to detect errors on printed circuit boards assemblies.

PCB Number Check Electrical Test-Best Technology

Final Quality Check

Each printed circuit board undergoes a final visual inspection and quality check.In rare circumstances that some of boards not pass the testing, we will remake new boards to meet the order quantity.

Complaint Management

If there is any problem with your order, you will get the fastest response and solution

Complaint Handling Solution Of Inferior PCB-Best Technology

Complaint Handling

We strictly follow the international standards and customer standards to inspect and control the delivery quality, timely follow up the quality performance of the products after delivery, and take quick and effective improvement actions for the feedback of customer’s abnormal condition.

Once our sales reps receive your complaints, our team of engineers will conduct a meeting for a solution within 48 hours.

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