PCB Fabrication Expert

We are very experienced in manufacturing for multilayer, high complexity, highly dense and special materials PCB.

Whether your idea is in its infancy, or you’ve already created a schematic and wire diagram, our team can produce printed circuit boards that match your vision rapidly. 

Item Capabilities
Layer Count
1 - 32 Layers
Max Board Dimension
Rigid PCB: 610*610mm; Flexible PCB: 500*2000mm
Copper Thickness
0.5oz - 30oz
Min Board Thickness
Rigid PCB: 0.10mm; Flexible PCB: 0.05mm
Max Board Thickness
Rigid PCB:8.0mm; Flexible PCB:3.0mm
Min Line Width/Line Space
Normal: 4/4mil(0.10mm); HDI: 2/2mil(0.05mm)
Min Hole Diameter
Normal: 8mil (0.20mm); HDI: 4mil (0.10mm)

How do we ensure efficient and reliable PCB production?

An efficient and powerful production line in PCB Manufacturing

Advanced Equipment And Process

Better equipments is understructure to do high quality production.

Effective Production Management

Stringent manufacturing guidelines and 100% Test & Inspection.

Professional And Technical Personnel

Our expert electronics engineers provide full technical support.

Quality-focused Manufacturing Process

Committed to continuous improvement

PCB Processing Inner Imaging machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Inner Layer
PCB Processing Lamination&Drilling machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Lamination & Drilling
PCB Processing Outer Layer Imaging and Plating-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Outer Layer Imaging & Plating
PCB Processing Etch Outer Layer machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Etch Outer Layer
PCB Processing Surface Finishing machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Surface Finishing
PCB Processing Testing And Inspection machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer
Testing And Inspection

Advanced PCB Fabrication Equipments

The use of advanced equipment can improve manufacturing efficiency and the production accuracy, effectively reduce the production cost.We invest in automatic machines to ensure your expectations in quality, delivery and total cost control will be completely satisfied.

PCB Production Exposure Machine-Best Technology Factory

LED Exposure Machine

  • Model: DEL-41200
  • Effective Exposure Area: 1200* 650mm
  • Substrate Thickness: 0.075 – 3.2mm
  • Line Resolution: 50um/50um
PCB Production Exposure Machine-Best Technology Factory

Automatic Imaging Alignment Exposure Machine

  • Model:TOP-600P
  • Panel Size: 305*305mm – 622*724mm
  • Panel Thickness: 0.3 –  3.2mm
  • Output Ability: 1800-2400/24H
  • Precision of Alignment: ± 12um

LDI Exposure Machine

  • Model: DiSS-20DL
  • Max Substrate Size: 622*724mm
  • Line Resolution: 50um

Brown Oxide Line

  • Model: 15BR40DNAA18
  • Max Substrate Width: 622mm
  • Substrate Thickness: 0.075 – 3.2mm
PCB Production Lamination Machine-Best Technology Factory

Laminating Machine

  • Model: ML-3024
  • Platen Area: 1220*1370mm
  • Capability: Wide Range of Hot and Cold Laminating Presses Avaliable

Laminator Machine

  • Model: HSL-M25R
  • Substrate Length: 240 – 610mm
  • Substrate Width: 250 – 640mm
  • Substrate Thickness: 0.1 – 3.0mm
PCB Production Laser drilling Machine-Best Technology Factory

Laser Drilling Machine

  • Model: Mitsubishi ML605GTWIV
  • Working Area: 620*560mm
  • Min Drill Diameter:0.05mm
  • Drilling Accuracy: ± 5um(0.005mm)
PCB Production drilling Machine-Best Technology Factory

Mechanical Drilling Machine

  • Model: NL-DG6S
  • Working Area: 568*690mm
  • Drill Diameter:0.1 – 6.35mm
  • Drilling Accuracy: ± 20um(0.02mm)
PCB Production CNC Routers Machine-Best Technology Factory

CNC Routers

  • Model: RH4D
  • Working Area: 568*712mm
  • Routing Bit: Ø0.5 – Ø3.0mm
  • Drilling Bit: Ø0.5 – Ø6.35mm
  • Routing Accuracy: ± 0.05mm

CNC V-Cut Machine

  • Model: SH-700
  • Processing Area: 50*110mm – 700*700mm
  • Processing Thickness: 0.4 – 3.2mm
  • Cutting Speed:  60m/min
  • Machining Precision: ± 0.05mm
PCB Production PTH Line-Best Technology Factory

Electroless Copper Deposition

  • Model: Customized
  • Workpiece Size: 200*200mm – 630*630mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 10:1
  • Min Hole Size:  0.15mm
PCB Production Automatic panell plating-Best Technology Factory

Pattern Plating Line

  • Model: Customized
  • Workpiece Size: 200*200mm – 630*630mm
  • Automatic time & copper thickness control(heavy copper up to 30 oz are available)

Laser Cutting Machine

  • Model: RPP20
  • Working Area: 220*220mm*2
  • Max Substrate Thickness: 2mm
  • Scribing Speed: 200mm/s
  • Repeatability: 2um
PCB Production vacuum coater-Best Technology Factory

Vacuum Coater

  • Model: SGC-22SAC
  • Vacuum Sputtering, 0.3 – 3 nm conductor(Ti, Tu, Cu) thickness can be sputtered on both face and hole of ceramic substrate
PCB Processing Etch Outer Layer machine-Best Technology PCB Manufacturer

DES Production Line

  • Model: 15DES40DNAA15
  • Working Area: 200* 200mm – 610*610mm
  • Processing Thickness: 0.05-3.2 mm
  • Transfer Speed:  0.6-8 m/min
  • Etching Line Width/Line Space: 2mil

Test Equipments

Electrical Test & Final Quality Check

Electrical test Flying Probe Test
Flying Probe Test
PCB Electrical Test Bed of Nails Fixture Test Best Technology
Bed of Nails Fixture Test
Automatic Visual Inspection

Effective Production Management

With our stringent manufacturing guidelines, we can guarantee the reliability and quality of our products

PCB Quality Control Production Management-Best Technology

Production Management

We are certified to ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949, and these certifications play a key part in assuring product trace-ability, process uniformity, and conformity to customer specification.

We build up procedure to aim specifically at the prevention of problems and the elimination of root causes, provides complete traceability of material and detailed processing history for all products manufactured.

We have a long-standing track record of consistently meeting client expectations of quality, at the right cost to our clients.

In Process Quality Control

Using our wide variety of inspection and testing methods at various stages during the manufacturing process, we ensure that each board is inspected and tested to cosmetic and workmanship standards.

We have incorporated the In-Process Quality Checking (IPQC) procedure in our production line. Any defective components or manufacturing errors are detected instantly and are eliminated.

Quality Check For Finished PCB-Best Technology
3-5 Year Warranty Quality Guaranteed For Best PCB/PCBA-Best Technology

Quality Guaranteed

All of boards will be 100% Inspection and E-test before delivery.

If a defect arises under normal use for a period of 90 days from date of shipment, we will re-fabricate the boards for free or make refund.

Professional and Technical Personnel

 Our team will assist you at every stage of the electronic product build process

PCB/PCBA Engineering Team Check For Quality Control-Best Technology

Most of our engineers and vital department guys has more than10 years of experience in PCB industry.We are well aware of the relevant industry standards and manufacturing requirements in various fields.

We’ve developed hundreds of devices across multiple industries so we have the ability to craft an expert solution for your project.


Gerber file (RS-274-X, or RS-274-D format), it should include following:

  • Trace layer
  • Aperature/D code file
  • NC Excellon Drill File
  • Drill Tool list (if not listed in NC Drill file)
  • Soldermask
  • Silkscreen
  • Readme.txt file
    We can also accept other file, such as .PCB, PCBDOC, BRD, CAM, CAD, ODB++(.tgz), ASC and DXF.

Quantity (prototype, volume production)

Lead time requirements

Lead time depends on your requirements and the complexity of the order and volume ordered.

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