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Best Technology offers consignment, full turnkey and partial turnkey assembly services for your PCB Projects

From design to Assembly

 We manage the whole process including Components Supply, PCB prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and testing services.

SMT PCB Assembly

100% Original Components Sourcing

  1. We source all the parts directly from original or from authorized distributors such as Digikey, Mouser,Future,TTI,Avnet and Arrow to avoid counterfeit parts.
  2. If a component isn’t available on the market, we suggest alternate solutions and seek your approval before finalizing the BOM.
  3. Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.

Our independent warehouse man-agement system provides long time storage of most electronic components for you. From this system, every step is traceable and follows strict system standards.

Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

higher levels of accuracy and faster efficiency

Items PCB Assembly Capabilities
Placer Speed
13,200,000 chips/day
PCB Types
Rigid PCB,Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB
SMT Components Types
Min. PCB Dimensions
0.2 x 0.2 inches
Max. PCB Dimensions
20 x 20 inches / 22*47.5 inches
Minimum SMD Component
Minimum BGA Pitch
Maximum Components
50*150 mm
Placement Accuracy
±0.035 mm
Parts procurement
Consignment, Full turnkey, Partial turnkey
Assembly Type
SMT assembly, THT assembly, Mixed assembly,Single- and Double-sided Assembly
Types of Solder
Leaded / Lead-free
Component Package
Reels, Cut tape, Tube, Tray, Loose parts
SPI, AOI , X-Ray inspection , FAI , Functional test
Lead Time
1 - 5 days
PCB Assembly Standard
IPC-A-610 Class 2/3

Why Choose Us?

Experience,High Quality,Quick Turnaround,Cost and Outstanding Customer Service

PCBA Prototype

16 Years of Experience You Can Rely on

 If your project is important, you need a PCBA Supplier with experience.

We’ve developed tens of thousands of PCBs across multiple industries for thousands of businesses around the world in the past 16 years.We are well aware of the relevant industry standards and manufacturing requirements in various fields.

We help you eliminate waste, inefficiency and unnecessary cost burdens  to ensure optimal value during continuously intensifying time to market pressures and cost competition.

Quality Guaranteed

We have established a strict quality control system from the check of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and quality inspection to the operation of the production equipment to carry out comprehensive control.

PCB Quality Control Automatic Optical Inspection-Best Technology
PCB Component Warehouse

Quick Turnaround PCB Assembly

Our standard turn time is  24 to 120 hours once all parts are ready. If BOM purchased by us, and the parts are not in stock,1 week will be added for most cases.

  • 1-50 pcs : 24 – 48 hours
  • 51-200 pcs : 24 – 60 hours
  • 201-2000 pcs : 48 – 72 hours
  • 2000+ pcs : 72 – 120 hours

Competitive Pricing

You can benefit from our scale of procurement and unified management.

The use of advanced equipment can improve manufacturing efficiency and the production accuracy, effectively reduce the production cost.We invest in automatic machines to ensure your expectations in quality, delivery and total cost control will be completely satisfied.

PCB assembly - Reflow-Oven
CB Inquiry Or PCB Quote Step 1 Consultation-Best Technology PCB Inquiry Processes

Outstanding Customer Service

Most of our engineers and vital department guys has more than10 years of experience in PCB industry,so We have the knowledge and expertise to provide recommendations and answer all of your custom PCB/PCBA questions.

About Best Technology

Your trusted partner of PCB manufacturing & assembly

PCB/PCBA 24 Hrs manufacturing original factory china-Best Technology

As a professional PCB/PCBA manufacturer, Best Technology was founded in 2006, and located in Shenzhen China. We have been focusing on PCB Design, prototype, manufacturing and assembly services for over 16 years.

Our products are widely used in LED Lighting,telecommunications,medical equipment, industrial control,automotive manufacturing, consumer electronics, computers and other fields.

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Gerber file (RS-274-X, or RS-274-D format), it should include following:

  • Trace layer
  • Aperature/D code file
  • NC Excellon Drill File
  • Drill Tool list (if not listed in NC Drill file)
  • Soldermask
  • Silkscreen
  • Readme.txt file
    We can also accept other file, such as .PCB, PCBDOC, BRD, CAM, CAD, ODB++(.tgz), ASC and DXF.

Quantity (prototype, volume production)

Lead time requirements

If you are placing a fully consigned assembly order, please provide:

  • Gerber files
  • BOM (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Pick & place file (.xls, .xlsx, .txt, csv)
  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • Readme.txt file

Please refer to following steps if you receive unsatisfied PCB:

  1. Contact us about the defect within one week upon receiving the parts.
  2. Send a digital photo and description of the defect.
  3. Our QA engineer will review your request and if the parts are non-conforming per customer specifications or acceptance standard of IPC-A-600 Class2, we’ll process your request.
  4. Upon your approval, we’ll address the problem and re-run your order based on the original order request. There will be no additional charge.If you request for a refund, we will refund 100% of your order amount, not including shipping cost.

Transportation time: You can choose among various shipping methods and have the products delivered at any destination all around the world. Follows are some Standard Shipping Times for your reference.

  • DHL/UPS/Fedex: 2-6 working days
  • TNT: 4-9 working days
  • EMS: 8-15 working days
  • By Air: 4-9 working days
  • By Sea: 30-50 working days

Get started with PCB Assembly

For an accurate quote, please give us the following files:

  • BOM (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Gerber/CAD/ODB++ files
  • Pick & place file (.xls, .xlsx, .txt, csv)
  • Quantity and lead time requirements

Our Engineers will review your files in detail and email you an accurate quote in about 12-24 hours

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