Flexbile PCB for electronics

4 layers Flexbile PCB for electronics best technology
  • Layer Count: 4 Layers
  • PCB Type: Flexible PCB
  • Board Thickness: 0.25mm +/-0.03mm
  • Copper Thickness : 18um
  • Surface Treatment: Gold Plated 20u"

Customer background

Company Location:U.S.A

Application:Electric Micro Linear Actuators

Field:Electronics, Electronics motors

Service:Flexible PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, Finished product assembly

Project challenge

  • Due to the instability of carbon ink printing, the linearity testing result of the finished product is unstable, which increased the scrapping costs. 
  • Customer needs finished product assembly service, so that test samples in time before mass production to reduce the scrapping costs finally.

How to serve?

1   Our engineers have done various experimental tests for new carbon ink and solved the ink EOL issue in time.

2   We have added the customer’s finished product assembly workshop in the BEST factory.

3   We have trained professional assemblers and QA according to the customer’s assembly requirements, and supporting customers in the incoming inspection of products other than FPC.

Results and Benefits

Our effective communication and timely feedback, one-stop service, and a unified management system for SMT & finished product assembly, help customers improve the yield rate of finished products by 15% and delivery on-time rate 100%.


I am Celine, flexible PCB sales team leader of Best Technology, 8 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom flexible PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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