Flexible PCB for medical device

2 layers Flexible PCB for medical device Best Technology
  • Layer Count: 2 Layers
  • PCB Type: Flexible PCB
  • Board Thickness: 0.13mm +/-0.03mm
  • Copper Thickness : 18um
  • Surface Treatment: ENIG3u"

Customer background

Company Location: U.S.A

Application: Flu & Covid-19 Test box

Field: Medical device

Service: Flexible PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly

Project challenge

  • Customer products are witnessing immense growth in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so they need to double their production capacity within a month and continue to increase production capacity months after months. 
  • The supplier of medical products needs to be certified ISO13485, and there is no way to audit and approve a new supply chains in a short period.

How to serve?

1   We increase equipment and workers in a short time, and adjust production arrangements to meet customer urgent needs of extra big orders.

2   We prepare safety stocks of raw materials in advance to avoid material shortages.

3   We are certificated with the ISO13485.

Results and Benefits

Our output increased more than 30 times according to customer demand within 2 months. We help customers achieve fast time to market.

The efficient production and stable quality have allowed our customers to quickly win the market share.


I am Celine, flexible PCB sales team leader of Best Technology, 8 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom flexible PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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