Heavy copper PCB for electric vehicle charging

1-32 Layers FR4 PCB Manufacturing Capability-Best Technology PCB Capability
  • Layer Count: 6 Layers
  • PCB Type: Heavy Copper PCB
  • Material: FR4 PCB TG170
  • Board Thickness: 2.0mm +/-10%
  • Copper Thickness: 6/6/6/6/6/6oz
  • Surface Treatment: ENIG(Au 1u‘’)
  • Solder Mask: Green

Customer background

  • Company Location:UK
  • Application:Electric Vehicle  Charging, Home charge, Workplace Charging Point, electric cars
  • Field:Automobile Vehicle Charging
  • Service:PCB Prototype, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly

Project backgroud

It is a home charging devices company located in United Kingdom. They need heavy copper PCB in their charging devices.

The customer’s previous copper design was relatively thin, and now it needs a very thick copper, requiring 10 OZ for both inner and outer layer. At the same time, due to the limited design space, and the trace spacing is relatively small, only 1.0mm. However, the trace spacing that his previous supplier can make is 1.2mm, and the side etching of the board was relatively serious, and the tolerance of the trace width and spacing was also relatively large, which led to a gap between the amount of current he finally calculated that could be passed and the actual value.

In view of above situation, this customer needs to find a new supplier which can control the etching tolerance and meet the trace width and spacing requirements without changing his original drawings. Meanwhile, due to the serious delivery delayed by his previous supplier, now the project is urgent and customer expects to make samples within two weeks.

By a chance, the customer came to our website and learned that we can make heavy copper boards, so he sent design files to us. Considering the urgent needs of customer, we prioritized this order and sent the quotation to customer within 0.5h. After checking the design files, our engineering team also provided the EQ and working files quickly to customer for confirming.

It takes around 24 hours from receiving inquiry to production approval, and the samples also finished within two weeks with excellent quality and good controlling of tolerance and trace width/spacing, therefore, we got compliments from customer.

Project challenge

There’re heavy copper PCB in charging devices, but previous PCB supplier has issues in providing thicker copper PCB and insufficient copper thickness, so the working performance of the charging devices is reducing directly. 

How to serve?

1   We can make heavy copper PCB from 3oz to 30oz, and there’re enough raw materials for heavy copper PCB in our warehouse, so that customer’s urgent request can be met.

2   Our QC team will use metallographic copper thickness tester and microscope to test the thickness of traces copper and hole copper before shipment, to ensure that the copper thickness fully meets customer’s request.

3   We helped customer purchased some of the scarce components in advance, helping customer to avoid the risk of delay caused by components shortages, and finish the assembly work within the specified time and delivered the heavy copper PCB to customer smoothly.

4   Our sales and engineering teams are 24 hours stand by to solve customer questions in time, to ensure that any questions raised by customers can be quickly responded, and finally to improve customer work efficiency.

Results and Benefits

The heavy copper PCB protype made from us meet the customers’ requirements of copper thickness and delivery time. Our company also has purchased those components with long lead time in advance, so the assembly work could be started immediately when the blank PCB boards are ready. And finally, the whole assembly and production can be finished according to the requirements within the specified time.

There’s no compliant about the issues of the copper thickness, and excellent performance of PCB ensures that the final product assembly can also be carried out smoothly and steadily, which greatly shortens the communication time and delivery time of the customer. The production efficiency in customer end is increased by 35% compared with the previous year.


I am Tiffany, sales team leader of Best Technology, 9 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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