Metal Core PCB for LED lighting

1 layer Metal Core PCB for LED lighting -Best Technology
  • Layer Count: 1 Layer
  • PCB Type: Metal Core PCB
  • Copper Core Thickness: 2.00mm
  • Board Thickness: 2.17mm +/-10%
  • Copper Thickness : 2oz
  • Surface Treatment: ENEPIG
  • Special Technology: Counterbore,Lasered SN

Customer background

  • Company Location:USA
  • Application:Outdoor lighting, energy efficient lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Field:Swimming pool and spa, LED lamps, lighting industry
  • Service:Metal Core PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly (Turnkey service)

Project challenge

The mainly concern of JHC are quality, delivery time and quick support on technology supporting, prototype building. When design finishing, they always need prototype building in 2 weeks, and sometimes in only one week, includes board making, components purchasing, PCBA and programming & testing.

How to serve?

1   Best Technology team can provide one-step service, which greatly saves time cost and labor cost of JHC;

2   We provide them with complete experience and quick support in the assembly processing and testing of finished products way.

3   In the case of components shortage, we actively recommend other alternative components for JHC.

4   We update the components states of their orders in time and prepare components according to customers’ forecast.

5   After completing the shipment, we will regularly update the status of the package to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics terminal and make sure they receive the products in time.

6   We adjust our production plan according the feedback of customer

7   Based on testing feedback of customer, we will adjust the testing method in at our side at the same time, to find out the best testing method to run the products smoothly.

Results and Benefits

With our support, JHC can better understand the market conditions of each parts, so that they can timely correct their ordering plans and update the designing. 

In the face of global component shortage, we provide timely feedback information and solutions, so that JHC can adapt to new market changes more quickly, seize market opportunities, and then win more market share finally.


I am Coco, metal core PCB sales team leader of Best Technology, 8 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom metal core PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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