Sinkpad PCB for light-curing equipment

1 layer sinkpad PCB for light-curing equipment-Best Technology
  • Layer Count: 1 Layer
  • PCB Type: Metal Core PCB
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Board Thickness: 1.60mm +/-10%
  • Thermal Conductivity: 2W/M.K
  • Copper Thickness: 2oz
  • Surface Treatment: HASL-LF

Customer background

  • Company Location:U.K
  • Application:Innovative LED/UV light curing related products and systems
  • Field:Automotive Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Medical Products
  • Service: Sinkpad PCB,FR4 PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly

Project challenge

  • The Maxcure ‘s products are most important in terms of quality and delivery, with strict requirements for product details.
  • Most of the products need Sink-pad PCB and most products require laser coding and ENEPIG for surface finishing. Besides, laser coding is a time-consuming processing so the previous supplier always delayed the shipment.

How to serve?

1   We provide laser marking serial numbering service for Maxcure with special requirements

2   We provide new process directions in terms of easier placement of COB pads for Maxcure

3   Regarding Maxcure’s modification of production data, we always cooperate and confirm all details before putting into production.

Results and Benefits

The delivery schedule of Maxcure was be strictly abided, even ahead of schedule. The fast, efficient and quality-assured delivery helps to run subsequent projects and allows sufficient lead time for subsequent work testing.


I am Coco, metal core PCB sales team leader of Best Technology, 8 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom metal core PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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