Rigid Flex PCB for electronics industry

4 Layers Rigid Flex PCB for-electronics industry Best Technology
  • Layer Count: 4 Layers
  • PCB Type: Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Board Thickness: 1.0mm +/-0.1mm
  • Copper Thickness : 35um
  • Min Drilling: 0.15mm
  • Surface Treatment: ENIG2u"
  • Special Technology:1.0mm Space for Flex Area

Customer background

Company Location: USA

Application:Portable Radiation Detection Device

Field: Electronic Equipment

Service: Rigid Flexible PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Finished Product Assembly

Project challenge

The customer specializes in nuclear instrumentation for the detection, measurement and analysis of low-level ionizing radiation from both naturally occurring and man-made sources.

High-precision products require more reliable quality, equipment testing takes a long time, and multiple versions need to be updated and iterated to achieve more satisfactory results. 

In the early stage of cooperation, professional design suggestions and efficient team services should be provided.

How to serve?

1 Provide a professional team to give customers early design communication.

2 Provide one-stop service for Rigid flex, PCB and SMT.

3 All our boards go through 3 times of QC inspections cycles before shipment.


Results and Benefits

After receiving the customer’s drawings, we completed the order (4L FPC+SMT) within 2.5 weeks.

AOI, X-ray, and functional testing are all carried out before shipment to ensure the high quality of the product. 



I am Celine, rigid-flex PCB sales team leader of Best Technology, 8 years’ experience in PCB. If you want to custom rigid-flex PCB, feel free to ask me any questions.

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